Our Story

Thorncrafts is a small family owned business based in North TX where we all come together to create stunning one-of-a-kind pieces.

We started this business in 2019 after Nicki realized how much she loved sewing. When Nicki and Brenton got married in 2018, she wanted a very specific handmade dress and her sister is a clothing maker. So Nicki reached out to her and commissioned her dream wedding dress. Nicki is very competitive and felt that if her sister can make something as amazing as her dress, then there was no reason why she couldn't create as well. Nicki worked at box retailers for years and never liked the look and quality of the products. So she started making clothes which she enjoyed. But then she stumbled across zipper pouches and knew that that was what she wanted to create. Nicki then branched out to wallets and purses and loved the feeling of creating handmade, unique, high quality items.